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About Us 

Wicta Motor was established in 2008, located in Shenzhen city south eastern coatal of China. We are professional manufacturer who specializes in mini dc motor,dc gear motors,planetary gearbox motor,worm gear motors,brushless gear motor,design and customize micro dc gearmotor gear box etc.we have passed the “ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System” and products got CE and RoHs certifications. 

Main products range 

we mainly provide 3v 4.5v 6v 7.2v 9v 12v 24v dc gear motors (dc motor+gearbox), spur,worm,planetary gearbox diameter range from 12mm-56mm.and dc motor diameter range from 10mm to 52mm.e.g. diameter 12mm 15mm 20mm 25mm 27mm 30mm 32mm 37mm 50mm spur metal gearbox, 16mm 22mm 28mm 32mm 36mm 42mm planetary gearbox, dc motor include metal and carbon brush dc motor,brushless dc motor,input speed range from 1000rpm to 20000rpm,gear motors include metal spur dc gear motors,small worm gear motors, right angle and parallel gear motor, and DC planetary gear motors 6v 12v 24v etc.


the gear motor output speed range from 0.1rpm to 2000rpm, gearbox torque range from 0.01kg.cm to 600kg.cm,working voltage range 1.5v 3v 4.5v 5v 6v 7.2v 9v 12v 24v dc motors,gear motors.and these gear motors can be with customized PCB,encoder,custom shaft etc.


Up to now,We have over 60 series and thousands of dc motors and gear motors to meet customers’ different requirements.
Typical application

1. Bank System: DC motor for ATM machine,currency coin counting machine motor, coin sorting machine motor, money counting motor.dc motor for money detector, coin refund devices dc motor etc.
2. Vending Machine: dc motor for Beverage Vending Machine,dc motor for Coffee Vending Machine, food processors vending machine etc.
3. Office Products: dc motor for paper cutting machine,dc motor for Printer,dc motor for Paper Shredder, dc motor for Label printer,card dispenser etc.
4. Bake machine for BBQ, package machine, warm-light, animal feeders, dc motor for electric valve,gas valve water meter valve etc.
5. Sanitary Applications: dc motor for towel dispenser, dc motor for soap dispenser, air freshener dispenser motor,dc motor for hand dryer, floor cleaner, tissue dispenser motor,paper dispenser motor etc.
6. Medical Equipments: dc motor for Automative Blood Press Monitor, Dosing Equipment.dc motor for infusion device
7. Robot Industry: dc motor for Robot Arm, Small Robot dc motor,education robtics dc motor.
8. Home Appliance: Kitchen Appliance dc motor, gear motor for TV Lift,  Auto Cleaner, dc motor for Auto Toilet Lid, grill,oven motor, fireplace dc motor,  dc motor for electric/automation curtains, dc motor for shutter,curtain roller,motor for soybean milk machine.

9. Security system: dc motor for door Lock, hotel lock motor,dc motor for Safe box. dc motor for Smart locks,dc motor for parking lock, dc motor for Bus coin box, dc motor for furniture safebox, dc motor for gate/door/senser lock,dc motor for anti-theft electronic locks alarms etc.
10.Various machines: dc motors for wrapping machines, stage revolving machines, electric pumping machines, rewinding machines etc.
Others: dc motors for instruments, satellite antennas, card readers, automatic flock feeders, teaching equipment, dc motor for automatic valves, parking equipment, slot machines,dc motor for game machines ,ball dispensers, cosmetics & cleaning products, and motorized displays.

Company advantage

1.With these years' research, development and manufacture, we have accumulated our special experience and methods to control the quality through the whole process. especiall in dc motor and gearbox design.
2. With the extensive experience in all types of dc motors,gearbox,gear motors and can specialize in large torque, low noise long lifespan motors/gearbox in physically small sizes.
3. We have a strong team of engineers and staff to achieve your satisfaction even with tight time and cost constraints.
4.From designing, procurement, manufacturing, inspection, packaging and shipping, in each and every production process we follow the standard operational procedures strictly.

Main market

Our products have been widely used in North America(the USA),South America(Brazil,)  ,Europe(German, Italy,Spain,France,Portugal, Finland…),South Africa etc. countries and regions.
Till now we still continuous do the best to make our quality and service exceed customer’s expectation. And we believe that customer’s every new requirement is the energy of our Developing. We never stop our training and learning. We also hope our work can establish long cooperation relationship with you in the near future.