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Quality is the base of living and growth. Quality First in its any proceedings. during the whole production courses, we have done the following major inspections: Incoming Materials Inspection(IPQC), The first inspection and Routing inspection, 100% on-site Inspection, and outgoing Inspection.
For all the dc motor,gear,gearbox materials we do the inspections 100% e.g.: Appearance, Dimension, hardness, roughness, strength,power,torque,current etc. to make ensure the final finished products to be good reliability and consistency.
Undergoing a series of 100% on-site inspection to the rotor, stator, commutator, endplay and performance and operator's self-checking and QC first and shift inspection etc.
We also do a certain percentage of Out-going Inspection before the products out of factory. Also we design and use high quality Inner and Outer Packing to ensure the package in good conditions during delivery.