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Permanent magnet DC motor-Motor News

 DC motors are motors, direct current, the performance of these engines further improved by the use of permanent motors magnets , because they have become more common today in small engine applications. These engines are lighter, more efficient and reliable. Previously, the permanent magnets in small motors, but used by the new technologies have made it possible for high intensity permanent magnets such as Neodymium magnets have proven useful in the development of compact high-power engines without using magnetic coils . The construction technology of these engines takes place DC motor with permanent magnets.

The advantages of this engine can be developed as models to understand, control speed and torque are simple and the drawings are still going cheap. If the field is generated by permanent magnets, these motors are subjected to a permanent magnet DC motor. These engines are preferred because of its cost, average capacity and the variety offered in the choice of demand for small engines that are up to 3 HP may increase in most DC motors. In particular, we can say is that it is all about magnets and magnetic theories. The universal law of the magnetic "poles repel and opposites attract between equals." Most DC motors with permanent magnets work on the same principle, lead to repulsion motors to rotate the motor and speed, yet can be done from 1RPM up to 500 rpm or more, depending on capacity magnets.

Speed, torque DC motor permanent magnet, the voltage or the effective resistance of the armature circuit can be controlled. There are many advantages of permanent magnet DC motor, the lower production costs are smaller, more efficient, less noise, less television and radio interference. There are some disadvantages as well as heat shielding magnetic charge when the engine design is defective, then brush can cause false move and they are limited in size.

There are many applications of this engine, for example, a DC motor in a windshield wiper 12V PM, door locks, power windows can be used by lock braking systems ants, fans and other accessories for cars, can be used in toys and electric toothbrushes as well. If the motor is large, then for the production of energy for the benefit of electricity production house and will be cheaper than solar energy can be used. Thus, by collecting useful information on current permanent magnet motors, you can create your own DC motor developed.