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Electric Motor types-Motor News

 Induction Motor is one of the most widely used motor Induction Motor rotor speed is always slightly lower than therotating magnetic field of the synchronous speed. Induction Motor is an AC motor, the load speed and frequency ofthe received power ratio is not constant relationship. Alsochanges with the size of the load. The greater the load torque,rotor speed, the lower.

Asynchronous motor including induction motors, double-fed asynchronous motors and AC commutatormotor. The most widely used induction motor, not misleading orconfusing in the case, generally known as the induction motorinduction motor.

Motor power supply according to work by type: can be divided intoDC and AC motor.

Single Phase Motors is one of AC motors. Single-phase capacitor motor has two windings, namely, the start winding and running winding. Difference between the twowindings in space 90 degrees. In the start winding in series with alarger capacity of the capacitor, when the start winding and runwinding through the single-phase AC, due to the role of thecapacitor start winding current at the time than the run windingcurrent leads the 90-degree angle, first to reach the maximumvalue. In time and space to form two identical pulsed magnetic field, so that the air gap between stator and rotor of a rotating magnetic field generated in the rotating magnetic field, theinduced current in the rotor, the current interaction with the rotating magnetic field produced electromagnetic torque, the motor spinup.

In recent years, brushless motors as the rapid development of the field in the model as a driving force. As the output and pricereasons, the past few years, more use of brushless motors in high-end aviation model, since the rapid development ofmachining technology, brushless motor production costs of many,and it is currently entering the field at all levels of the model, fromelectric cars to electric remote control boat remote control to theelectric model airplanes, everywhere.

Brushless motor is compared to the brush motor has many advantages. Brushless motors without a brush, greatly reduced running friction,smooth operation, noise will be much lower, the advantage ofstability for the model run is a huge suppor.In addition to brushless motor to the brush, the most immediatechange is not a brush spark generated when the motor is running, thus greatly reducing the spark on the remote control radiointerference.