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Working Effenciency,Motor energy loss-DC Motor News

 We know that the gas mixture in the combustion of a lot of heat, and pressure increased significantly. Then the gas in the piston is all useful work output from the engine crankshaft (ie, success) of the duty cycle, The answer is no. This is because the Electric Motor intake and exhaust, burning time, moving parts (piston ring and cylinder wall friction mainly), lubricant viscosity, friction, etc., must consume some power.

Not all of the internal combustion engine heat into useful work, and only a small part in promoting the piston-driven approach to the open atmosphere to the crankshaft rotation, part of the exhaust heat, this energy loss as part of the exhaust losses, the exhaust loss% the total energy of about 40. Intake and exhaust loss is generally believed that the so-called pumping loss textbooks. Typically, when the piston reaches bottom dead center before the exhaust valve must be opened in advance, if you do not advance the exhaust valve opens, the cylinder gas pressure can still push the piston down. Early exhaust valve opening, so that the Orbit hydraulic motor lost some energy, this part of the losses and pumping losses, known as the ventilation losses.

Fuel combustion heat from the engine cooling system as part of the heat for acting only a small part of the emissions part. Therefore, low thermal efficiency of internal combustion engines, four-stroke gasoline engines are generally 20% to 25%, and even high-performance engine, the thermal efficiency is 30%. In other words, useful energy generated by fuel combustion, less than 1 / 3 be used effectively, there are more than 2 / 3 of the heat exactly where to go? To clarify this issue, we need to look at a variety of engine power loss.