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Gear reducer motor types and installation

 Gear reducer motor is widely used, are machinery and equipment indispensable power equipment, especially in the printing machinery, corrugated machinery, packaging machinery, transportation machinery, food machinery, box machinery, automatic storage, warehouse, three-dimensional parking equipment, textile, dyeing and finishing, chemical and other devices. 

The type of gear motor: high power gear motors; coaxial helical gear reducer motor; parallel shaft helical gear reducer motor; spiral bevel gear motor; YCJ series gear motors; Worm geared motors.
To determine the model of a gear motor, need to determine the following parameters:

1, to determine the mechanical running speed, this speed calculation of the gear reducer motor slowdown ratio (deceleration ratio = into the speed of shaft / Output shaft speed = motor speed / mechanical requirements of speed); 

2, the calculation load of torque, this torque to select geardeceleration of the motor output (reference gear reducer motor manufacturers to provide output torque table ") to determine the model of the gear reducer motor; 

3, to determine the additional features of the gear motor, for example, power-off brakes, power brakes, frequency, shrinking box.shell material. Some additional functions can provide only a specific factory, such as the G Series gear motors, it provides all the additional features, so when selected in consultation with the supplier.
Maintenance and installation of the reducer

4, safety protection devices required does the installation, to ensure absolute operational safety. 

5, the motor must be grounded line, please refer to the distribution laws and regulations.

6, be sure to confirm all installation parts and transmission parts fixed and correct, and then the OK to start the gear motor. 

7 If the gear reducer motor with inverter drive at low speed, the need to install an independent auxiliary cooling fan. 

8 single-phase reduction still remains in its capacitor after the power failure of the motor part of the charge, the first discharge or side terminals grounded.