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Brushless motor and Brush motor

 Electric drive car, has long been the use of the brushless motor, why not electric wheelchair, looked at the advantages and disadvantages of both the motor is not difficult to understand.

The characteristics of the brushless motor?


a) the electronic exchange has always been to replace the traditional mechanical commutation, reliable performance, never wear, low failure rate, life expectancy than brushed motors increased by about six times, representing the development direction of the electric car;

b) a static motor no-load current is small;

c) high efficiency;

d) small size.


a) low-speed start there was a slight vibration, such as speed increased commutation frequency increases, and not feel the vibration phenomenon;

b) price is high, the controller requires high;

c) is easy to form a resonance, because any thing has a natural vibration frequency, the vibration frequency of the brushless motor frame or plastic vibration frequency of the same or close to it is easy to form the resonance phenomenon, but by adjusting the resonance The phenomenon is reduced to a minimum.Brushless motor driven electric car sometimes makes a buzzing sound is a normal phenomenon.

d) foot when riding more effort, the best combination of electric drive with pedal power.