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FGM119-B Low RPM High Torque DC Motor
24v 12v DC Motor With Flat Gearbox Low RPM High Torque 0.5rpm 1rpm 2rpm 3rpm dc motor with high torque 100kg.cm 200kg.cm 300kg.cm to 600kg.cm DC motor for vendingbanking equipmentdc motor for pellet stovedc motor grill ovendc motor game machineslot machinedc motor actuator valve etc.
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Low RPM High Torque Flat Gearbox DC Motor
Performance Range Typical Applications
Voltage: 6~24VDC Fireworks Grill
Speed: 0.1~50rpm Robotics and Automation
Torque: 1-600kg.cm Home/Office Automation

Bank and Vending

Gear Ratio
Gear Ratio Stage 3 4 5 6
Gear Ratio 127 389 1269 3385
251 590 1601 5078
722 1929


Gear Motor Dimensions

Gear Motor Data
Serial Number 30127 30251 30389 30590 30722 30830 301166 303385 305078
No load speed rpm 24 12 8 6 4 3.5 2.5 1 0.6
Rated speed rpm 18 9 6 4 2.5 2 1.5 0.8 0.5
rated torque kg.cm 33.4 58.7 91 138 153 176 247 400* 400*
Max Torque kg.cm 90 90 150 240 240 240 400 600 600
1. Gearbox output shaft dimension and shape can be customized, shaft can be D-Cut, with hole,screw hole,double shaft etc.
2. DC Motor input speed can be customized.and gear ratio can be changed too,so gear motor can be with different final output speed rpm.
3.the dc motor is precise permanet magnet carbon brush dc motor.
4.gear motor working voltage can be 6V, 9V,12V 24V.
5.This flat gearbox can be matched with other type DC Motors if you have different speed and torque requirements can be adjusted.
6.the gearbox is with metal spur gear,square shape. it is widely used in all kinds of micro automation industry.main function-make high speed dc motor slow down by metal gear reduction.
7.this kind of gear motor main features- low rpm,high torque.output speed even can reach <0.5rpm.
8.other customized items-can be with wires,connector,encoder etc.

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